The Cleansed Air Of Social Abandonment

A Societal Reboot

We get national and international news here. It is like viewing unfolding events on Mars, but you can feel pity for the miserable victims of social choices taken to their most perverse conclusions. I prefer keeping such things at a distance and not encouraging such behavior here. Fortunately, QuayLand is a bit closer to nature, the sort of nature that tramples you to death or rends you limb from limb if you stray too far from the tried and true. If you clump up people too much and they start thinking that houses, clean water, perfect health, and consequence-free sexualized perversions can become "rights", it should be expected that post-apocalyptic results, a la The Road Warrior, will come. QuayLanders have already lived through the rise and fall of civilization in our land and can hopefully pass along our wisdom to those of you who are running joyfully into the horrific cataclysm that "post-modern society" encourages. I can happily report that there is life after the meteoric crash of hedonism, but it will be a far different sort of life.

The Tao of QuayLand

When you live on the frontier, your neighbors basically migrate into two groups, those who are basically okay with life on the frontier and those who are basically not. It is a tough situation for those who seem less-satisfied with their circumstances. It is not surprising that there is a drug problem on the frontier - QuayLand does not turn out to be the Hollywood fantasy of cowboy romance, but people don't figure this out very readily.

Here are the two most depressing groups of people I know:

  1. People born and raised on the frontier but want to get away and can't seem to do it. The kindest thing to do for these folks is to help them emigrate (not immigrate). I did this for my children.
  2. People who sell all they have, come to the frontier based on silly dreams of the simple life, and purchase a situation they quickly come to despise but can't sell except to another sucker like they once were. This was basically the story of most QuayLand "homesteaders" (suckers) like my great-great-grandparents. I can't help these people except to convince them never to dream such asinine dreams - QuayLand is not a "simple" place.

Successful QuayLanders are people who don't really need the approval of others. You may think this behavior is an admirable thing (it isn't) but the vast majority of people really need other people and they need other people in a very visceral way that they don't comprehend until they go to places like QuayLand and meet residents who seem to be missing some deeply social "herd" gene. To rugged individual "cowboy" types (for instance), most people act like "cows" and that is not a recipe for deep and meaningful relationships that so many urban socialite "cows" crave. The prevalent desire is to "round up" such people, shove them in tractor-trailers, and transport them the hell out of our lives - ranchers do this for a living! "Cow" sorts of people are wonderful folk - we frontier sorts are the social misfits, trust me. There is a reason why we need to offer doctors incentives to practice here - we are crotchety and don't like being managed like cattle.

Basically, if you think that you would enjoy frontier living, you are statistically wrong. You might get lucky, but you probably won't.

-- Jason Nemrow - 2019-08-07


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