QuayLand could be Your Land, QuayLand is definitely My Land...

The region that twiki.quix.us describes.

I am thinking of addressing some private angst in relation to naming our frontier region after a corrupt politician, as was done at the creation of QuayCounty. I think a far better person to honor through naming is the fine actor Anthony Wilford Brimley, so I am proposing that our region no longer be refered to as QuayLand and be called Wilfornia instead. I feel Mr. Brimley simply brims over with the attributes that residents of our region value and often emulate. So, we would be called Wilfornians and I figure we could make sure we have a regular Wilford Brimley Film Festival and invite our honoree to area events! I would certainly attend!!

There has to be some bounds of focus to a collaborative website. For our purposes, these bounds are primarily geographical. Basically, if you live (or ever lived) within the boundaries of the smaller circle on the map, which I have pompously named " Inner QuayLand", you are officially a QuayLander and this website is definitely for your viewing and encouraged contribution!

For those of you who live in the larger circle, dubbed " Outer QuayLand" or are among the saner souls that reside " Further Afield", your contributions are tentatively prized as well, though many QuayLanders may find your stuff somewhat peripheral to their interests and "management" may decide to prune "outer" or "Further Afield" material in favor of expanding more relevant "inner" material - just know that. I tend to delete anything that doesn't have much to do with the people and places of QuayLand, inner or outer.

How did these designations come about? It is very easy to explain though perhaps hard to logically justify. I named this region QuayLand because most of my friends interfaced with me through agencies basically associated with QuayCounty in TheAmericanStateOfNewMexico. Of course, the presupposition of this website is that TheCityOfTucumcari is the center of the contributor universe, but everyone and everything around QuayCounty is just as vital to the definition of QuayLand and we encourage everyone to GetOffTheInterstate and explore the many LocationsWithinQuayLand, both physically and metaphysically!

There is also an interesting history to the "Quay" name, which comes from MatthewQuay, a Pennsylvania Republican party boss who worked for the creation of TheAmericanStateOfNewMexico so one of his friends could get a coveted seat in a therefor expanded US Senate. Yes, it is kinda fun to live in a place actually named after a corrupt politician! ContrivancesAbound!

Although the shown map (click on it to get a more useful version) inscribes a nice section of Texas within QuayLand, eyes can easily deceive, as QuayLandHasNothingToDoWithTexas. One contrived state is complicated enough to work with!

Of course, it is a given fact of this website that, once the artificial constructs of the TheUnitedStatesOfAmerica and TheAmericanStateOfNewMexico disappear to irrelevance (for which I do not advocate - it will just happen one Tuesday), QuayLand will be the proper and natural political and economy geographical entity for the relief of QuayLanders.

Once a lot of this site was pulled together, I found an excellent blog that plows a lot of the same ground at http://sixgunsiding.blogspot.com/.

Inner QuayLand

I have lived in Inner QuayLand since 1995 and raised a family here. A lot of my work has been done and my kids have been schooled at various places within the inner circle, so there are lots of meaningful connections here. Basically, Inner QuayLand is a 50 mile radius around TheCityOfTucumcari, TheAmericanStateOfNewMexico, which encompasses QuayCounty and some lands surrounding. It also coincides with the broadcast area of KTNM-AM 1400, so if you can hear that radio station (I hope you like country music), you are in Inner QuayLand. Events in the inner circle can usually be enjoyed as a day trip from TheCityOfTucumcari.

Outer QuayLand

I once had a regional job as a technologist for the NewMexicoStateUniversity CooperativeExtensionService. I did work for a large section of TheAmericanStateOfNewMexico, mostly within the confines of Outer QuayLand, or a radius of about 135 miles from Tucumcari, where my family lived. Events in the outer circle might better be enjoyed from TheCityOfTucumcari as an overnight excursion.

Further Afield

Since TheCityOfTucumcari is the center of the universe (mine, at least), the further you reside from The Blessed Navel Of Creation, the more irrelevant you and yours tend to be. QuayLanders may take some notice of the lawmakers in Santa Fe, outer QuayLand, but happenings in fantasy locales such as Washington or Timbuktu are "Further Afield" and of extremely limited concern. Sometimes, all things beyond QuayLand are rolled into a shorter term of in-consequence: Texas. Again, QuayLandHasNothingToDoWithTexas.

The Historical QuayLand

One must understand that the area that we designate as QuayLand was considered terra nullius, or no-man's-land into the FrontierCowfolkEra. Until the advent of deep well drilling in the early 20th century, this land was essentially uninhabitable and only used for hunting buffalo and other game and a territory to be quickly moved through between settlements. QuayLand has been gradually reverting to this original usage, with cows replacing the buffalo.

The Eras of QuayLand

I'm still working on this, but I have a running theory that there have been distinct eras in the timeline of QuayLand:

Indians used to hunt and pass through here, but with sense enough to make permanent settlements elsewhere.
Authorities were far away and anyone close by were indulgent of whatever happened that didn't cause too much trouble. Mexico acted about the same way. We will defend you from some invasion if we can, but you have to handle things yourselves.
The military occupation and the end of Indians and buffalo. frontier cattlefolk take over. This continues as an underlying activity in QuayLand, though on a scale of running fewer cattle on larger tracts.
People used to farming in fertile eastern soils and were tricked into staking Homesteading claims here. Railroad chicanery as well. This ended up being mostly a passing phase except for farmers willing to accept lower production in our sub-optimal soils.
Abandonment Era
More people leaving to easier (more habitable) climbs.

-- Jason Nemrow - 2019-07-07


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